For so many people this is a scary and stressful time. The last pandemic we faced was just over 100 years ago so the majority of people alive today are experiencing this for the first time in their lifetime. Millions of people unemployed. Essential workers being exposed to the dangers of a virus that is still trying to be understood. Small business owners praying that we are able to recover when this is over. The stress and anxiety that so many are struggling with is so very real. Hold your babies close. Spend time with your families. Now is the time we have to do everything in our power to see the positive. I myself struggle with finding the motivation and positivity during a time of such uncertainty. But guys, we have to. We all need to find positive ways to spend our time. We need to really focus on the things we are grateful for in order to survive this. We need to heed the advice and warnings put out there by our government (even if we don’t always agree with it) and come together as a unity. Be a support system for each other. Reach out to someone who may be struggling and offer a little piece of advice or encouragement. Send a message to a stranger. You have no idea what an impact your words may have on someone struggling. We will survive this!

All that being said, I have been going stir crazy. I am such a social and busy person that quarantine hit me hard. I had so many plans for upcoming sessions and was so excited! When we were told we were no longer allowed to work I was devastated. So many weddings and family sessions being put on hold. After two weeks of my camera sitting in a bag on the shelf, I decided it was time to shoot again! I may not be allowed to see my favorite clients, but I am allowed to shoot my own daughter! So we got dressed up and went in the backyard to take advantage of some beautiful light. The scene was nothing like I envisioned utilizing this dress with, but I am still loving the way it turned out! Little Dreamers Tutus never fails to disappoint with her gorgeous designs! <3

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