Mayslake Peabody Estate Shootout – Oakbrook Illinois Wedding Photography – Family Photography – February 16th 2020

Sometimes as photographers we get bored. We get stuck in a rut and need to do something creative. Winter months can be tough on many of us and sometimes we need to just shoot for fun, for ourselves, and coming together with other like minded people is really important in our line of work. Being an entrepreneur of any kind can get lonely. Most of us work alone and being a part of a community is huge. That’s exactly what this shootout was.

Jillian Plaminek & Victoria Mcdonald with the help of many other vendors (who will be credited at the bottom of this post) did an incredible job organizing and putting together all the details to bring to life their vision for this shootout. Seeing all of the different styles and learning from other photographers was exciting! I am grateful for my girls Monika Thorpe, Casandra McReynolds, and Becca Lentz for their encouragement and sharing use of lens and knowledge as well as being super amazing ladies and photographers who I adore <3 A shoutout to Monika Cioban as well for being super sweet and wonderful and offering advice and encouragement. Community over competition really is a wonderful thing to be a part of!

From a couple gorgeous mommy and me models to a beautiful maternity and a fabulous bride & groom – this was definitely a light hearted and fun shootout to be a part of! The peabody estate is older and has some vintage feel to to it in some areas but in others has more of a lighter modern look. It was great for the versatility of this session! Who can guess what my favorite room was?

Dish & Decor Vintage Rental –

Mayfield Flowers –

Bridesmaids Social –

Darling Damsel Couture –

Konrads Bakery –

Taylor Slager Design –

Windy City Linen –

Summerana Digital Tools for Photographers –

Hmua (also maternity model Zahadita Kudrna) (wearing gown from Darling Damsel

Bride Model: Rebecca Silva de Leon (wearing a gown from Bridesmaids Social)

Mommy and Me Models in Mint: Sammi & Giada both wearing gowns from Darling Damsel Couture)

Mommy and Me in Pink: Margaret Gilfillan Walker & Sarah (both wearing gowns from Darling Damsel Couture)

Groom Model: Paul Iroezi – FB: Ike PaulyD
IG: _theriseofa_king

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