Downtown Lockport, Illinois | Portrait Session | Tav

One day back in February some friends and I were out celebrating another friends birthday. I was feeling blah and in a creative funk. Sometimes as artists we are our biggest enemies, and for some reason I was feeling pretty down about my work. Then from across the bar I saw the prettiest face. Perfect complexion, gorgeous eyes, amazing cheek bones. I gathered up enough courage to go chat with him about what I do. It was a quick conversation in which I proceeded to ask him if he had ever modeled before? I was told no, quite shocked. I handed him a business card and told him I would love to photograph him. I walked away feeling like I made a total ass of myself and would never hear from him. A few days later – I had a friend request!

Be bold my friends. Step out of your comfort zone to go after what you want. Here is just the first of many gorgeous photos of Tav Tav.

Urban sessions can be a lot of fun and a change of scenery was so nice!

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