Lincoln Park | Chicago Engagement

For those of you who know me – you know I have hardcore anxiety in Chicago. I like most, love the beauty and adventure in the city, however the driving and parking and navigating makes me crazy! I never do city shoots for this reason so when one of my favorite clients and my best hair stylist (she’s the one who did my rockin rainbow hair) told me she wanted her engagement photos in the city I panicked a bit.

I HAD to do this woman’s engagement photos. There was no way I could say no. I adore this woman. I was so excited to find out Rigo finally popped the question. So I put on my big girl pants and begged my girl Kristina with K Ryon Photography to go with me to the city and check out some spots with me since she shoots there often. She was AMAZING (Thanks Kristina) and tagged along with me to show me around.

The city is still scary and people drive horribly but it was so worth it and I cant wait for my next engagement shoot in this area!

Congratulations to Marisela and Rigo on their engagement! I can’t wait to talk wedding details!

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